COVID cases 2020-2022


COVID revealed many things, shortcomings, strengths, fears and opportunities. But if it revealed something, it was the importance of data in decision making. The accumulated incidence rate marked the course of our lives for months: extending the degrees of freedom of movement, safety distances and teleworking policies.

During the early stages of COVID, as in other epidemics, the data was not reliable. We did not know what we were measuring and our policies were wrong, few, excessive at times. Not knowing what we were measuring prevented us from knowing how to fix it.

The data was quickly taking center stage in official communications, in the media and also in BBVA, where a small team supported by all was in charge of centralizing the data on the pandemic to help the Medical Service and guide the strategy on the return to The normality.

The sculpture you are holding in your hands represents the data on the incidents accumulated in BBVA between May 2020 and September 2021. The purpose of this sculpture is to pay tribute and thank those who, through their efforts, made this reliable data available and those who trusted on these data to make decisions.

Behind each point in this data series there is an employee and behind each one of them, a team that was in charge of ensuring that the information was correct. Nothing can restore the losses caused by COVID, but this sculpture also serves to underline the important task of taking care of information and data.

COVID has shown that in environments of high uncertainty it is necessary to resort to data and that, without an adequate level of quality and governance, data does not help.